This skateboard was inspired by one of Jane Elliot's news interviews and is all about unity and tolerance.

Elliot explained how people were taught, and are being taught, to hate based on race. The truth is there is only one race; the human race. Her call to action during the newscast was to unlearn this hate and for all of us to quickly realize that having more or less of a certain pigmentation in our skin doesn't make us any more or less intelligent or valuable as a human being.

To simplify this philosophy and put it in my own terms, I tried breaking it down into the simplest possible terms: "The human race is the only race." I created a spectrum of different hands pointing towards that phrase on the skateboard, showing how even though we may look different our humanity is the same. To really make the board pop I added another spectrum of a different kind, behind those hands. I wanted to show that we are all connected and that it's our differences that make the world beautiful. I tried to use few graphic elements as my message is simple and straight forward.

I decided to name the board "Unity." I hope you guys enjoyed my skateboard and that it inspires a little bit of change for the better!
My process for this was really weird. The actual entry for 2017 had to be drawn and colored by hand and not digital like what I'm used to (unfortunately, lol. It's my goal to become a great artist both traditionally AND digitally). 
So I created a full vector version, printed it black and white, traced over it with pencil, inked it with microns, and then colored it in with color pencil. 
This was a really fun project and when doing it for something positive, like Decks For Change, it really makes the experience and the art more meaningful and worthwhile.


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